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Okay, so I have to send out big happy birthday wishes to _somniac_. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May your birthday be filled with all the Billie fantasies/real life spooning that your heart desires. You're an amazing, hilarious, kick-ass, fantastical, fun-mazing, cat-tastic, and just outright fantabulous person and I'm so so glad I've gotten to know you here in LJ land. I would have wished you a happy birthday before now, but I was going to try and finish a certain Fink fic and get that up in time. But it doesn't look like that'll be happening, mainly because I signed onto LJ and saw al_teregoz wrote a Billie/Mike piece that I'm going to have to go read, like, as soon as I finish this. I'm actually tearing up with excitement. Oh man. So, um, expect a somewhat late Fink fic SOON. Because I WILL get it done.

Just a wee bit of me info- The beginning of this quarter has been crazy. I don't think people are really that interested in the details of my Real Life, but suffice it to say I've had a ton of stuff to take care of and about 3x the work I had last quarter. I'm hoping it'll cool down and I can immerse myself back in LJ, at least occasionally. I'm sad I missed out on the formation the Church of Sexy Rock Star Hips and Open Collars, or CoSRSH&OC. Is it too late to join? Seems like just the church for me. Billie Joe in his priest outfit, yes. And penis shaped wafers? Where do I sign up? :)

Yes, so I have a fic to go read. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY! I hope it's amazingly Tre-tastic and Billie-ful.


Happy Birthday Tas!

Wellll... it's almost midnight here, and already well past midnight over in Eastern Canada, so you know what that means...

Clicky for Cardy Goodness...

Happy Birthday!! Lots of love =)