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Dusting off this Livejournal account

Hi all!

Whoa, it's been... a long time. A loooooong time. But, I have not forgotten about livejournal. I recently was inspired to finally DO something with it, when I read a great original M/M my freece called Captive Prince. I wanted to write her a comment expressing my adoration, so I logged into livejournal. Seeing my last journal entry was from 2007(!) I thought surly I could write something to update my old, dusty journal. So, what have I been up to, livejournal might ask. Well, in general brushstrokes, life so far...

1. I lived for a year in Japan. Came back to California right before the Tsunami.
2. Worked for a time at an IT company back in California.
3. Am now in law school. In Boston. I like it. That's all I will say about that.

I spend all my "free time" (read: procrastination time) writing. I have a few original fics going, characters that won't leave me alone, elaborate world building for two (2) worlds, and what I think are compelling stories to tell. I have also posted some fanfic over at (Mostly for Pride and Prejudice, all rated at most K+). I love getting review notifications, notifications of people favoriting pieces, etc, from They are like little bursts of creative energy.

I think I would like to turn this space into a blog for writerly reflections. I think my boyfriend will appreciate this, as my current system of talking about writing is to talk to him until he tells me I lost him ten minutes ago. I thought about creating a whole new blog, as this journal was really conceived as my GREEN DAY space, but I don't like to bifurcate myself like that. I like the self I was when working on this livejournal and the friends I made then, so I am going to work from this journal.

So I plan on using this space to post (1) reviews on things I am reading and loved, whether books, fanfic, original ebooks, anything (going to do that for Captive Prince soon) (2) thoughts about writing (dialogue, plotting, tension, romance, magic, etc) (3) perhaps specifics on my various original fiction works, as a document of my progress, which will be interesting to me if to no one else.

I will largely keep this space life (and by extension, law-school) free, though if those points are of interest I can send personal messages.
Tags: captive prince, fanfic, japan, law school, life, writing
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