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My Chemical Romance Concerto

So on Sunday I went to a My Chemical Romance Concert. It was cool. Even very cool. One might even say so cool I've been listening to my "MCR cncrt" playlist on repeat and having random bouts of concert flashbacks. All this is a good thing.

We had floor tickets. We got there early so we were right in the thick of things. It was a "smallish" concert, only about 7,000 people in part of the Anaheim Convention center. We almost drove into Disneyland by accident, cause apparently all roads in Anaheim lead to Disneyland. That would have been different, ne?

I pretty much watched Gerard the whole time, which was cool cause it means I pretty much could see him the whole time. Even though I only knew the words to Helena and Welcome to the Black Parade, I had a great time. It was a very engaging show. I got completely covered in confetti and there were many loud noises and much fire.

Does anyone else think that moment in Dead! when Gerard merges from the doctor voice back to his own voice... y'know... And in my honest observation/During this operation/Found a complication in your heart/So long... is just totally awesome? Or is is just me?

And I reeeeeeally want to go to a Green Day concert. I'm bummed I missed the shows when MCR was opening for Green Day. I mean, Jimmy Eat World is cool, but MCR is awesome.

Also apparently Gerard's favorite TV show is Battlestar Galactica. Which means he wins even more.
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