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Super glue, anyone?

I still haven't gotten any super glue. Now even the rubber button thing has fallen off. When I type a "T" I'm just hitting naked metal. Is this bad for my computer? My friends think it's funny.

Today I read In Our Time, by Ernest Hemingway. I really like his writing style. I could clearly see locations and understand characters, but there was no excess of language. I guess that's what you always hear about Hemingway. Short, declarative sentences. But the declarative sentences conveyed so much. It made me want to try writing something again.

I've been spending most of my free time looking for Japanese music. It's strange. I used to think lyrics were so important, and now I understand very little and yet I am still able to love the songs. So what is it then that's appealing? Apart from the fact I'm studying Japanese and every time I make out a word or *gasp* complete sentence it's incredibly exciting? How different from the rhapsodizing over lyrics that drew me to Green Day and American Idiot.

My cousin got tickets to a MCR concert. I'm thinking about going. I don't listen to MCR, but he says he'll make me a CD. It could be fun times, right?
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