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Japanese Hair

Hi all!

I’m almost done with finals and am looking forward to break, seeing friends and catching up on TV shows. I finished my internship yesterday. Even though it was only marginally useful and I often felt like a tool, leaving was still bittersweet. I will miss (some) of the people, and at least delivering all those packages and doing all those bank runs made me much more confident driving around LA. Next quarter looks like it should be pretty chill, lots of English classes, my last class for the French minor, and Japanese.

I’ve been reluctant to squeal about my new interests here, since this really was conceived of as a GREEN DAY journal. And all my (really awesome) f-list reflects this, and I didn’t want to bore you all. Nevertheless, I don’t want to loose contact and there’s always the possibility someone will follow me. So while I still love Green Day and can’t wait for their new CD and more opportunities to see them live, I’ve decided to branch out in this journal.

In short, I’ve becoming interested in many, many cool Japanese things. I’m using “interested” here instead of the more power “obsessed”, as I’d categorize this interest as less all encompassing than my Green Day obsession. That is, I’ve yet to read/write any fanfics or spend gobs of cash.

The gateway drug, as I squealed below, was the jdorama Hana Yori Dango. This lead me to Arashi. There’s nothing I can say to adequately capture the adorable dorky hotness of these guys, but this post comes close. They seem to be the Backstreet Boys of Japan. Having been rather oblivious to music during the whole Backstreet Boy/N’Sync explosion, I never “got” the whole boyband thing. On the plus side, I never had a chance to react against the excessive commercialism and packaging.

I’m under no delusions as to their musical prowess. But they have some really quality songs (Sakura Sake, SAKURA SAKE!), and they always make me happy. Which is important, especially during finals.

I’ve been watching more jdoramas and finding more music. It’s great because the other girls in my suite are more than willing to watch with me, and one has succeeded in getting me to watch some anime. I like magic powers and interesting, intelligent plotting and she’s become my gate keeper. It’s great because she’s totally open to hearing about Green Day.

She comes to me the other day and asks, “Hey, do you have Longview by Green Day?”. Turns out she really likes them but she only has “American Idiot, BOBD, and Good Riddance”. Obviously this must be fixed, so I gave her a Green Day sampling, along with a bunch of Nirvana. Then she IMs me saying “Hey, you know this song is kinda about masturbation?” And I’m like, kinda? She’s the perfect candidate for a budding Green Day fan. We watched parts of Bullet in a Bible yesterday (after a jdorama), and she really, really liked Billie. Like really. I’m very excited.

One last thing before I start studying:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

These may not be the best representations, but can't you see it? That's Sho from Arashi. If Sho didn't have highlights in his hair you know it would be BillieBlack.

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