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Green Day Article-book thingy

Um... has everybody seen this?

So, reading this article I have to point out a few things-

1. El Rey? What is this El Rey? They mean the Wiltern, right? And...

2. Matthew Fox was there? Zach Braff?? I was at this show, and I did not even glimpse these people. Though I doubt that were squished up in the pit like area with us, the place isn't that big, y'know? Though it's possible I just didn't notice cause HELLO Green Day was right there.

3. What do they mean "finally really made it into the city"? Green Day's done made it. It's made. And packed. And wrapped. And tied up with a pretty pink ribbon.

But actually it's a cool article. Lots of biography details, some of which I didn't even know. Bits of interviews with Billie's siblings (!) And a couple cool pictures. Check it out.

"Jim took one look at him and said, 'He looks like he really belongs in show business. Why don't you take him in the studio and see if he can sing.'" Hmmmm, I wonder?
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